Phasefocus is pleased to announce the continuation of its global extension programme with the appointment of ParalabBio as representation in Portugal and Spain.


This market expansion is in response to growing interest in Livecyte™, the company’s flagship cell imaging and analysis platform which enables users to uncover differences in cell behaviour that previously have been too subtle to measure.


Phasefocus is changing what is possible to measure using live cell assays. Livecyte delivers an unprecedented level of single-cell data from live cells. High-contrast label-free videos, correlative fluorescence and powerful image analysis algorithms result in high-content timelapse outputs from standard 96-well plate assays.

Phasefocus’s products are based on a patented and award-winning computational imaging technology, called ptychography. From automated characterisation of live cell behaviour, to world-record-setting electron microscopy, Phasefocus is enabling advances in many diverse areas of scientific research.


Martin Humphry, Phasefocus’s CEO responded “We are really excited to have ParalabBio as our distribution partner for Portugal and Spain. Having local suppliers with the necessary specialist knowledge to support Livecyte is coming increasingly critical in the current global climate. ParalabBio are an experienced provider in this sector and an excellent fit for Phasefocus. We are really looking forward to working with them to bring our label-free high content system Livecyte to these territories.


José Catita, Senior Manager at Paralab added "ParalabBio, a division of Paralab, is devoted to the distribution of scientific equipment related to Bio Sciences and Life Sciences operating in Portugal and Spain. The target customers are all laboratories working with either cells, proteins or genetic material like Faculties, Research facilities, Industries, CMOs/CROs and Biopharmaceutical Industries. ParalabBio stands out in the market for its strong investment in training and highly skilled human resources. Apart from selling, ParalabBio has the resources to do service and support, namely application and training support. The team is highly skilled and with years of experience in this field, particularly in sales. All managers have both technical higher education (biology, chemistry, pharmacy, etc) and business education (MBA)."