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    Obtain True Population Dynamics
    by Segmenting Every Cell

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Let Every Cell Tell its Story


Stop manually tracking your cells; let Livecyte do it for you automatically.

Now you can follow every individual cell,  measuring how they move and change in response to changing culture conditions.

Livecyte™ identifies up to 19 different morphological characteristics for each cell, generating a unique phenotypic fingerprint by which  thousands of individual cells can be automatically tracked, even within heterogeneous cell populations.

The result is a phenomenal new depth of information, compared to HCA or standard time-lapse instruments.


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High Contrast Without Compromise


Fluorescence-like images without the compromise.

Livecyte's label-free imaging eliminates the constraints of phototoxicity and population averaged analysis, providing a more accurate and realistic account of treatment driven changes in cell behaviour.

Avoid the fluorescence paradox of added cost and perturbed cells. Livecyte easily produces high resolution, high contrast images from which individual cells can be readily defined and tracked for prolonged periods.


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Dig Deeper, Discover New Relationships


Do you want to go deeper into your analysis?

No cell population is truly homogeneous.
Transcend the limits of traditional cell lines and population averaged metrics. Livecyte's true population dynamics represent a new way to characterise complex mixed cell cultures and sub-populations.

Go from plate, to population, to individual cell using the "Explore" functionality, where intuitive visual data representations will let you interrogate your cells, gate sub-populations and investigate the links between data-points and images.



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One Experiment−Multiple Outputs


Dont let data analysis hold you up.

Livecyte generates multiple outputs from a single experiment.  The Livecyte Dashboards harness the power of individual cell analysis allowing for faster turnaround of results.

Subtle differences in cell behaviour can be ascertained, without the need for further experimentation, making laboratory time more productive.


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Correlative Fluorescence Capability


Make better use of fluorescence labels.

Combine the power to track thousands of cells, label-free, with the ability to monitor temporal changes in functionally specific protein expression.

Phototoxicity can be kept to a minimum by setting the frequency of fluorescence imaging independently from the time-lapse imaging rate.


Watch the Correlative Fluorescence Video