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Livecyte Just Works


Go from seeding cells to publishable results with minimal effort.
With the intuitive Livecyte™  workflow you can uncover subtle differences between treatments quickly and easily.

Simply Design your experimentAcquire your timelapse and then Analyse your data.

Livecyte's dedicated Application Dashboards provide clear, assay specific and publication ready outputs at the push of a button.


Watch the Setting Up A Correlative Fluorescence Experiment on Livecyte Video

Livecyte is a True Assay-Driven Tool


No Calibration, No Dedicated Consumables, No Hidden Costs.
Good science requires multiple repeats and comparisons across several treaments.
Using multi-well plates is the only way to do this efficiently and cost-effectively.

Livecyte's unique meniscus compensation and perfect focus technologies make it simple to automatically perform robust label-free assays within any standard plate, up to 96 wells.


What are the Recommended Plates

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Intuitive Software


Minimise equipment downtime with remote set-up and analysis.
Livecyte's simple step-wise workflows make experimental design simple and easy, allowing long-term time lapse image experiments to be constructed and saved in less than 10 minutes, without the need for extensive training. 
Versatile autofocus ensures optimal focus for each ROI, and requires no physical interaction with the instrument. 


Watch the Setting Up A Correlative Fluorescence Experiment On Livecyte  video