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Product Specifications

Livecyte™ comes complete with automated cell tracking software (patent pending), which can follow all cells for a complete time-course, even if those cells pass over each other.
Livecyte’s workflow is designed to be intuitive for all users to setup, collect and analyse their results easily and efficiently. Interactive tools allow experimental protocols to be optimised, saved and re-used.
  • Fully automated Brightfield, Ptychographic QPI and Fluorescence modalities.
  • 6 position objective turret — range of objectives available.
  • Lateral Resolution — 0.4 µm.
  • Axial Resolution — Typically 40 nm.
  • Illumination Power QPI — 0.4uWmm2.
  • Detector — sCMOS air cooled (2000X2000).  Pix Size—6.5 µm.
  • Temperature controlled macro-environment (adjustable from 28 oC—40 oC).
  • Micro-environment controlling CO2, humidity and evaporation.
  • Design Module.
  • Acquire Module.
  • Analyse Module.
  • Application Specific Dashboards.
  • Acquisition PC.
  • PiBOX (reconstruct QPI data).
  • CatBOX (analysis of data).
  • NAS (Storage solution offering 12 TB of data—optional upgrades available).
  • Bench space required: 1600 mm X 800 mm.
  • Height above bench: 750 mm.
  • Under bench space for rack: 700 mm X 600 mm X 800 mm.

No specialised optical table (anti-vibration) is required.