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Published Application Notes

Automatically separate the effects of cell proliferation, experimental setup and types of cellular motion on the outcome of a scratch wound assay. The Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer produces single-cell motility parameters for all cells surrounding the wound, giving additional insights as to why a wound has closed faster.

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Effects of far-red fluorescent labelling and LED irradiation on cell behaviour during long-term time-lapse microscopy using a Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer.

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Automatically measure single-cell random motility parameters from live cell populations in formats up to 96-well plates with the Livecyte Kinetic Cytometer.

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Use non-invasive time-lapse imaging to quantify cell death without labels, dyes or phytotoxic damage.

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Go beyond traditional wound healing assays with the Phasefocus Livecyte.

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Monitor continuously the mitotic index of a cell population in a non-invasive manner.

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Produce a Staurosporine dose response curve without use of fluorescent labels.

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Delve deeper into the dynamics of cell proliferation through non-invasive time-lapse imaging with the Livecyte system.

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Measurement of mitotic time is important to numerous fields of cell biology and has uses in the development of anti-mitotic cancer drugs. Typically, manual methods are employed to identify mitotic events, track through cell division and record mitotic time.

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Analyse and extract morphological and dynamic phenotypes to identify heterogeneity within mixed cancer cell populations.

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