Phasefocus™ is pioneering a unique, no compromise, approach to long-term live cell imaging and analysis.  Powered by our patented Ptychographic computational imaging technology, we enable scientists to understand and compare the dynamic behaviour of thousands of individual cells at a depth previously impossible.


Every Cell Tells a Story


Livecyte™ is the only instrument for live cell research that can measure and compare the morphology and motion of every cell over time, label free in a 96-well plate.



 I have not seen such a rapid uptake of a totally new technology in the facility before. The assays available are versatile and the Phasefocus team support is second to none.  


Dr Sandrine Roy, Translational Research Institute







18 April, 2019

Phasefocus, the Sheffield-based company supplying tools to help researchers…

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29 March, 2019

Scientists at the renowned Francis Crick Institute in London have been…

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27 November, 2018

Livecyte™ 2 will be available for preview at ASCB, 2018 in San Diego, USA,…

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